Moms meet WoW summit 2016

2016-10-13-16-05-52I had the amazing opportunity this year to attend my second Moms meet WoWsummit 2016. This year the summit was held in beautiful Washington DC area in Gaylord National resort & convention center National Harbor, Maryland. I must say that here in Fl things were looking a little scary since hurricane Mathew was heading our way. I leaned  on my faith and prayed. I remembered I prayed hard and gave all my worries to my lord. I told myself that my faith was greater. I was not going to miss a great opportunity like this one. So my husband and I packed our  family ,we said a prayer and off we went. If the house was going to get destroyed by the hurricane,  I didn’t even want to be in it anyways. We headed  to our destination with open hearts full of faith  and enjoying the little things in life that in the long run are so worth it. I learned so much with this decision in coming to the summit. I was able to attend an event that for me was life changing. I was surrounded with so many great mothers who care about healthy living and great speakers.

This event is for bloggers and mom ambassadors that want to learn all about healthy living. To connect with great brands and able to try their amazing products. I loved our huge goodie bags. The variety of products ranged  from foods to multivitamins and  household products. I cant wait to attend the next WoWsummit and keep growing as a blogger and acquiring new knowledge about healthy living for the whole family. I personally stand behind moms meet approved brands and recommend this great community to all moms. Join them here Moms meet and start sampling great products.1476389711414





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