Reviewing a 12pcs Gold Makeup brush set

Check these pretty brushes I got from Amazon!!!

It was time to update my brushes and these new ones caught my eye. Super soft and Super gorgeous. I found them on Amazon with great reviews.

These are premium synthetic makeup brushes, made with soft fibers to provide a high definition finish, and great for sensitive skin.

I was not surprised when I found out that they don’t shed. I also like that after cleaning them, they hold their shape perfectly for multiple uses.

This set brings 4pcs of big Kabuki makeup brushes and 8 pieces of precise brushes to help with your makeup application.

This 12pcs set brings as follows

Angled blush


Fluff shadow




Large Powder

Airbrush foundation


Eyeliner brush



If you have prime you will get them within 2 days.

For more information and to buy them click here.

*** Not Sponsored. As always my opinions are my own.***

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