Compostable kids toothbrush

Hello parents I would like to introduce you to this new compostable toothbrush ! Yes, you read it right! its made with compostable material to further make our world a better place and not causing more trash. Thanks Focus nutrition and @ecofam for creating this unique toothbrush for kids and adults.

I gave it a go with my son who is into fun looking toothbrushes. He likes the design and I love that he loves to brush his teeth without a care now, win , win situation here .

The main reason I fell in love with this toothbrush is that after your child finished brushing his/her teeth and they walks away its special Anti-Microbial Bristles keeps cleaning the toothbrush. The packaging says that it can reduce up to 99% of bacteria such as

*Escherichia coli

*Staphylococcus aureus

*Candida Albicans

This toothbriush does say in its packaging that its suitable for children ages 3+

its also Phthalata Free and BPA Free

you find these brushes at




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