(Review) Ionpolis water temperature sensitive 3 LED shower head.

This showerhead with a 7 step filter is a great way to keep your skin healthy when dealing with hard water.

*I like the design due to its water temperature sensor. It has a three-color LED.
Blue=cold water
Green=lukewarm water
Red= hot water

  • This showerhead requires no batteries.
  • It offers a 7 stage filter, making the water safe from chlorine, germs, or rust.
  • I love the modern design and the pressure it offers to help save water.
  • So far, I’ve enjoyed my showers. It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. It gives me peace of mind when my kids shower with this built-in filter. I love it, and I do not see us using anything else besides this from now on.

This product was provided from 08. l and I’m all for this review—however, all opinions on my own.

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