Nordic Naturals


Parents I want to introduce you to Nordic Naturals supplements. I was  introduced to this brand at the 1st  Moms meet wowsummit I attend back in 2014. Nordic Naturals has an extensive line of supplements for all the members of the family all the way to your pet. The company was founded around 1995 by Joar Pheim. He believed in the power of omega 3’s since he used it himself. Omega 3s is not only used for heart health  but for brain support , mood, eyes,joints,immunity,pregnancy,lactation kids etc. From all of their products I personally like the great selection they have for children. they offer from kids probiotics,omega 3s, DHA, vitamins, cod liver oil.

I really like that they offer these in Gummies form also. Nordic Naturals knows that some children have a hard time swallowing pills so they have made their supplements Gummies form. I feel that as a parents it’s a no brainer  when I find a brand I can trust and know that I wont have an issue when I give it to my child. My kids love this brand  for their flavors they offer and the supplements they offer in Gummie form.  I have seen a great benefit to their health using their products. If you want to know more check them out here Nordic Naturals. As always my opinion are my own.

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