Blake’s Turkey & Beef Pot Pie


Introducing … The best Pot Pies or at least to me Blake’s Pot pies are.

I am a huge  fan of pot pies and for me to love one, the crust needs to be perfect and flaky. Blake’s Pot Pies surely does not  disappoint and its a must try for me. Blake’s Pot Pies are made with organic vegetables and flaky organic crust.  They have many to choose from, like

1.Chicken Pot Pie

2.Shepherd’s Pie

3.Gluten Free and dairy free Chicken Pot Pie

4. Turkey Pot Pie (new)

5.Beef Pot Pie (new)

and much more.

The 1st Pot Pie I had the pleasure to try  was Blake’s Turkey Pot Pie .


As soon as it was done in the oven it came out golden brown and expelling a wonderful homemade smell. My mouth watered as I pitched through golden brown flaky crust into a thick turkey broth that has made my life complete now. As I  took my first bite of this perfectly put together pie  I was amazed how tender the pieces of turkey were. I was impressed to know that the turkeys used for these  pies are raised without antibiotics or animal by products. The carrots and peas  were  sweet and tender. I didn’t feel it was salty and I felt all the ingredients went well together.

The second Pot Pie I had the pleasure to try was Blake’s Beef Pot Pie.



I cooked this pie in the oven and after only being in for 30 minutes a wonderful aroma  of beef and organic vegetables started filling my kitchen. More and more I felt like my Abuelita (grandmother) was making  the pie from scratch.  The pie was done within 45minutes and I took my first bite   of  delicious  beef gravy and tender bites of real beef. The vegetables were sweet and tender. Blake’s pies suggest to check the internal temperature to make sure it has reached  a temperature of 165’F , since cooking times can vary between ovens. Also is a good tip to put your pie ontop of   a cooking sheet since they do spill some of the delicious gravy they have.

Blake’s Pot Pie can be found in stores such as



3.Whole Foods


5.Walmart and more

To Learn more about Blake’s pie click here

Blake’s Pot Pies  are dairy free and soy free and all of their meals they do not contain trans fats or flavors ,artificial colors,  or preservatives.

Blake’s Pot Pies sell for $3.99


I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com), May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

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