BugBand Natural Derived Insect Repellent

( Bug Band products were provided for the purpose of this review, However all opinions as always are my own. )

 Here to the season where we plan outings, camping, picnics and enjoying the great weather Florida gives us(when its not raining). You know what else this weather gives us…BUG bites yikes!!! If you have ever been bitten by a huge prehistoric Florida mosquito by now you know it’s the worst, specially if you are allergic like my kids and I are.

When I attended Moms meet annual summit I was introduced to this great brand BugBand . Bugband  has made it possible for us to be safe outdoor by having Naturally derived insect repellent.

I have used this incredible bug repellent for  when we are at the ranch, park, concerts and it has worked very well.

I was sent to try the BugBand Portable Diffuser  


*this portable bug repellent is a natural way to get protection from mosquito, flies, gnats .

*It covers up to 300 square feet.

**It is powered by 3 AA batteries

* The portable diffuser comes with 3 refills each last 120 hours.

* They also offer the refills

They also offer many other products such as BugBand Pump Spray



*They come in 3 sizes

3oz, 4oz, 6oz sprays.

*I feel these are great for when hiking or trail walking as they give you maximum protection outdoors.

BugBand  Wipes are also available


*The wipes are light weight and can fit in your backpack, diaper bag, purse, luggage

*They come in

– 2 wipe packets        – 4 wipe packets          -25 box count

-15 count wipe case                                       -40 count box

Bugband Wristbands are great for the kids , I even use it hung up on my niece stroller for added protection to her when we are out.


*These bands come in an array of color for your choosing

– blue – red – olive green  – pink  – yellow  – black  – orange  – purple and glow in the dark (this one is my sons favorite)

*Theses bands are so great that even after getting wet they still work(i tested them ,thats how i know : )

*When we are at the ranch my kids never get bit when wearing these.

*They can last up to 120 hours if stored in their plastic cup provided

Check them out here at BugBand and start protecting your family now.

also available at





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