EQtainment Q’s race to the top game.

Heads up Parents !!!! Here comes EQtainment to entertain your children and always be in the know with me.

This game mission is to provide emotional and social skills through a fun and easy to follow board game.

They have made a

1)Q time buddy to go with it

2)On the go question cards


4) coloring book so your child can still have fun and keep developing those skill they need to succeed in our current world.

Q is a very lovable stuff monkey that wants to be your child friend. Your child new friend is perfect for cuddling and providing an opportunity for quiet time with breathing exercises perfect for helping your child slow down and control his/her breathing and emotions.

***I want to say that our oldest who was diagnosed with ADHD has been in love with Q and loves our meditating session with him, also we find that this game has helped  her have less  emotional outburst, better focus and comprehension. ***

Honestly you guys have to check them out and see it for yourselves all the great stuff EQtainment has to offer to your child developmental growth.


I want to thank Tryazon for this opportunity to have given me this complimentary product for reviewing purposes. As always my honest opinion is my own.

***sign up to Tryazon and be in the know with me. ***


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