Adagio Tea

 I found my love for tea at a young age. There is hardly any tea out there that I don’t like. So I was very pleased when Adagio Tea offered me an opportunity to try  their teas.

Being an avid tea drinker I was blown away by their wide  selection of teas they offer. You can get loose leaf tea’s, teabags, ice teas, and a wide range of accessories  to go with your tea experience.

One of their pyramid tea bag collections that just  drew me in is their Fairytale Collection. I picked  Sleeping Beauty and Snow- White from this aromatic collection.

Momswhat a great way to get your little ones interested in drinking something other than soda and creating beautiful  memories with your children.

My daughters loved the decorative tins and were thrilled to learn that you can keep them after you are done.


Snow White

This gorgeous tin offers 15 pyramid tea bags.

This tea is Caffeine free.

The girls and I enjoy this tea in the evening and they really enjoyed the floral scent coming from their tea.

Sleeping Beauty

This gorgeous Tin offers 15 pyramid tea bags.

This tea is Caffeine free.

I enjoyed this tea with my girls in the evening and it was very nice and creamy.

This collection is a great gift to anyone of any age .


Another gorgeous collection Adagio has  to offer its their   Tin collection called  Story Time collection. From this collection we tried

Alice In WonderlandIt brings 15 tea bags of  sweetness.

This tea is Caffeine free

The collection also has The Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood.

These Pyramid Tea bag collections bring the same power punch as their Loose leaf teas.

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Since being a mother to a boy as well I couldn’t forget him and I found this gorgeous Tree House Collection . From this collection we tried

Monster Brew

This animated tin brings 15 full loose leaf pyramid tea bags.
This tea is Caffeine free
Loved the sweet cherry flavor since we love cherries we tried this tea and Boy!!!! it didn’t let us down.


Rocket Fuel 

This Tin brings 15 full lead pyramid tea bags.

This tea is Caffeine free.

This tea has an uplifting aroma and taste.

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Loose Leaf Teas 


I was very pleased to try their Loose leaf Chamomile Tea .

This is one of my all time favorite and this loose leaf  Chamomile was pure in taste. I liked it very much.

*Steep at 210’F/100C for 5-10mins

*2 teaspoons per cup

*Loved this tea for the evening or before bed.

*This tea is Caffeine free.

The other kind of loose leaf tea I tried was their Thai Chai tea.

This tea was new to me and I found it very pleasing to my palate . 

*Steep at 212’F/100C for 5mins

*1 teaspoon per cup

*This tea contains a high levels of caffeine so I found it better to drink in the morning.

I also got a sample of their Zodiac tea Leo since it goes by Birthday month.I enjoyed this tea and found it very pleasing and a soothing power.

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I seriously loved Adagio Tea website  and everything they have to offer for someone to have a great one of a kind tea experience. I even received a video to show me how to steep the teas. This website helps you learn about your tea no matter what expert level you find yourself in.

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Thank you Adagio Teas for this amazing  tea experience in trying your teas.

( Adagio teas were provided for the purpose of this review, However all opinions, as always, are my own.)

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