Keep kids actively learning.


What I like to do with the kids to keep them learning even when the school aren’t sending HW is as follows
*We read for 30 minutes ( The school says 20 but I like to challenge them a little).
*I love grade level appropriate workbooks (When I see they got done with the workbooks , I buy the next grade level. That way you can expose them to what their next grade level is like).
*I like to use online resources such as education.com. , google, resource bus from school where available . Check with your school.
* I like to review on our way to school in the mornings and coming back from school. It was sure way to start a routine where you can squeeze in more learning time.
*I like to review their Spelling/Vocabulary in the car while we wait in the car line. I have seen that the kids have fun and they are more involved with learning. I had to think of different ways to teach my kids since my son gets bored easily.
*Use Flashcards= I found my love for flashcards when I was in college and I haven’t stopped using them, I like to use Flashcards for my kids spelling words . I write each word twice on separate cards and then play a memory game. When they match the cards they have to spell it for me. They can do this even by themselves doing a self check .




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