Medieval Times Orlando’s Dinner Show Review.

Medieval Times

Dinner and Tournament

Get ready to experience their new show featuring A Queen for the first time in 34 years of the show.



Medieval Times Dinner show is located in sunny Kissimmee area of Orlando fl.


Their beautiful castle replica resembles Medieval times during the 11th century. This action packed show is for every one of all ages.  Where you can  take your family out for a  great evening or to celebrate a special occasion such as an  Anniversary or Birthday.

During the show they announce by name anyone celebrating a special event, I feel that kids will be thrilled to hear their name being called.

*The show recommends to arrive 1 to 2 hours at least before your showtime so you can enjoy and check out their Medieval Village as well as the seats are first come first served.






Once you are checked in you are given a card that has a number on it and is color coded as well as a crown. The number on this card represents the table you’ll be seating and the color assigning you to your Knight you’ll be cheering for during the show.



Waiting before the show

After  you are checked in  and given your table card and crown, you are guided to the Hall of Arms where you wait until they start calling each color to be seated. During this time you will get a chance to see their beautiful gift shop, as well as full bars with a great collection of souvenir cups and collection merchandise to remember this unforgettable night. You can even order wine, mixed drinks, and frozen drinks of your choice to be served at your table once the show starts.




Get ready to have an amazing palate pleasing feast that starts coming once the show starts. The best part is that Medieval Times show stay true to the experience and you literally dig in to your food since you eat with your hands.

The feast consists of

Garlic Bread

Tomato Bisque Soup

Oven-Roasted Chicken

Herb Basted Potato

Sweet Buttered Corn

Pastry of the Castle

Select Beverages

*They even offer a Vegetarian meal upon request

Show Time

Get ready to be entertained from start to finish in this almost  2 hour show.

From Jousting, Horsemanship, hand to hand combat and Falconry, this show will surely entertain anyone at any age and make a great time to remember forever.



For more information about this show  and getting your tickets click Medieval Times


*I would like to thank Medieval  Times for hosting us, and as always, my thought and opinions are my own.


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