Teething medicine Warning for Parents from the FDA

Based on the recent warning from the FDA I wanted to let my parents Know whats going on.


The FDA has issued a warning for parents in the use of teething remedy  deemed unsafe for use and wants them to be taken off shelf’s immediately.

The reason these remedies  are unsafe it’s because they contain an ingredient called Benzocaine that can cause a rare and deadly effects on your young child,  as well as a blood condition. This blood condition is linked to potential breathing problems that can cause death.

Teething remedy FDA warning

Parents are advice to follow-up with their Pediatricians and follow the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatric’s (AAP) 

 The American Academy of Pediatric’s suggest

  • To give your baby a teething ring made of solid rubber since the ones that you can freeze up can cause further pain.
  • Try to massage your Child’s gums with your fingers( make sure you practice good hygiene and wash your hands before ) 

For more information Click Here.

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