Lice Shield repels Lice & Super Lice

It’s summer time and our kids are out of school and many will go to Camps, Sleepovers and play dates.
BUT,  did you know that our kids will be at risk in  potentially getting  lice as well during any of these activities?
lice 1
Lice Shield is here to help us parents put our worries at ease.
They have a Shampoo & Conditioner in 1 that works for the whole family. Its made of 5 essential oils that can help keep the lice away.
Its gentle enough for our children to use and cleans the hair while leaving it conditioned.
The 5 essential oils are
 1. Citronella
 2. Rosemary
 3. Lemongrass
 4. Cedar
 5. Geraniol
the company also offers a
Lice Shield Leave in Spray
lice 2
It’s a spray you can leave in after hair is washed and towel dry.  Spray and let air dry. This spray conditions the hair and helps detangle it.
We can find these products for about $5 – $10 at
Dollard General ( first aid aisle )
For more information Click here

*** This product was provided  for the purpose of this review,However all opinions as always are my own  ***  “Sponsored Post”

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