BaaBaa Bubbles blasting Game review

Parents, Are you looking to disconnect your children from technology and have screen time off?

Then SpinMasters BaaBaa Bubbles blasting game is here to save the day!!!! This game is great for your little ones from ages 4 and up.  2 to 4 players can play.

  • My children have a blast playing this game, especially when the Sheep sneezes…. there laughter fills the room. So much fun for the whole family!

How to play?

  • each player ( 2 to 4 players) takes turn in flipping a tile and matching that number to the times you have to pump the sheep to eat.(push the head all the way down)
  • If the sheep doesn’t sneeze, keep the tile facing up in front of you.
  • As each player pumps the sheep ,the bubbles grown ,till a sudsy EXPLOSION happens and that player looses their tile
  • Then the player to the left take turns until everyone has had a turn.
  • The player with the most tile wins

Its a fun game the whole family can play.

Add this awesome game to your next family game night and enjoy an evening of fun.

To find this game  click here.

*** This product was provided by Familyrated for the purpose of this review, However all opinions as always are my own. ***

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