Review on Listerine smart rinse, Mint Shield flavor.

The kids were very excited to try Listerine smart rinse mouthwash!!!

They loved the mint flavor because it didn’t burn their mouths or tongue. As a parent I take this as a win, win situation. Being a parent of 3 children, It is very important to use products that can help kill oral bacteria as much as possible; like how this products claims to do. So, since using this mouthwash I have seen my kids teeth cleaner and with a fresher breath with the knowledge that their mouths have less bacteria.

This Listerine smart rinse is alcohol free and helps keep our mouths feeling fresh.

It also

  • Is a Anticavity fluoride rinse
  • Claims to be 2x stronger cavity protection
  • just 60 seconds 2x a day after brushing

*** This product was provided by Home tester club for the purpose of this review, However, all opinions are my own.***

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